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Sensenig Milling Services, Inc. utilizes a variety of shipping methods designed to meet the specific needs of their individual customers. These include utilizing modules, self-contained compactors, dump trailers and compactor trailers. The best method is generally determined by a combination of customer needs and their location to our facility in Watsontown, Pennsylvania.

The modules (shown on the right) allow the customer to transport their material within their facility to a van trailer that is placed on-site. Sensenig generally requests a 24 hour lead time, but most often a truck is dispatched within several hours of a call for pickup. The modules are returned to Sensenig’s facility where they are dumped and sanitized in preparation for the next call.

The self-contained compactors are used by customers within a 100 mile radius of our facility. These containers allow product to be hauled in bulk to our facility, there by reducing handling costs, which are passed on to our customers.

A third method, dump trailers, are used when a customer has adequate space and the ability to efficiently load from the side of the trailer. This method allows for the benefits of increased weight per shipment and bulk handling as well as for potential hauling efficiencies that help provide maximum value to our customer.

A final method, the compactor trailer is utilized when the customer requires the removal of substantial volume as well as the need to rear load a trailer. The volume required to justify this equipment is generally in excess of 100 tons per week, and a required 3-year to 5-year agreement.

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