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Other Products

In addition to the bakery meal operation, Sensenig Milling Services Inc also offers several integrated services to this operation trucking and truck maintenance.

The trucking segment is currently comprised of company vehicles that provide delivery and pickup services for our materials throughout the Eastern United States. Possessing a combination of van, dump, hopper and belt trailers, Sensenig also provides for-hire services to others within the bulk freight industry.

Sensenig also staffs a truck shop to provide maintenance and repair for its vehicles and the owner operators that are dedicated to us. As we move forward, these operations are likely to be further expanded to meet the increased needs for the operation. In addition to meeting our own needs, Sensenig is also looking to provide some basic services, including inspections, to other interested carriers.

Although not currently an active business function, Sensenig will be looking to procure raw materials to supply the wood burner for its new dryer. Parties who have these materials available are free to contact us for additional information.

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